Jewelry Dictionary

.925 Silver Jewelry - Sterling silver contains 92.5 % pure silver. 7.5 % of it is an alloy of other metals to retain firmness and rigidity.

Agate Jewelry - Made of microcrystalline and semi-precious gemstones from quartz that is typically banded in appearance.

Alloy Metal - Metals composed of one or more metals or non-metals for more enhanced properties are called alloys.

Antique Finish - An antique finish is done by oxidizing new jewelry to add a vintage, worn look to it.

Bezel Setting - A bezel setting has a metal rim that encircles the sides of a gemstone and extends slightly above it. It holds a gemstone securely in place.

Cabochon Stone - A gemstone that has been shaped and polished is a cabochon stone.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry- Colorless stones that resemble diamonds or other precious and semi precious stones, for high quality costume jewelry.

Enamel Work - The process where special powdered glass is fused with metals for a more colorful and decorative appearance.

Faux Jewelry - Another word for synthetic or imitation jewelry, often made to resemble genuine jewelry.

French Hook - Curved hooked that serve as the backs of certain earrings are called French hooks.

Filigree Work - Filigree work is the process by which a delicate metal design that looks like lace is used to accentuate jewelry for an art deco look.

Gold Plated Jewelry - Jewelry made of a lesser quality metal that is plated with a coating of gold to give it the appearance of genuine gold.

Jadau Jewelry - A Mughal empire art of jewelry making using many bedazzled gems and precious stones embedded in silver or gold with great technical skill.

Kundan Jewelry – Kundan jewelry is treasured because of the possibility of innovative stone settings. Kundan jewelry was used to create elaborate necklaces believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is the oldest form of jewelry made and worn in India. Gold plated Kundan jewelry is available on the base of brass or silver.

Lakh Jewelry - Lakh jewelry is hand crafted in ethnic Indian tribal designs with bright, earthy colors and beads.

Minakari - Minakari is the decorative enamel work process on metal to finish the reverse side of kundan jewelry; Meena (enamel) + Kari (the art) = meenakari (art of enameling).

Onyx Jewelry - Jewelry made of a semi-precious quartz stone with bands called onyx.

Polki Jewelry - Polki jewelry is a type of kundan jewelry. Polki jewelry is created in non-precious and other precious materials such as silver.

Rhodium Plating - Rhodium plating is a coating put on new white gold to make it harder and appear whiter. It is considered tarnish resistant, though it does eventually wear off.

Rhinestone Jewelry - Rhinestone jewelry uses colorless artificial gems that are made of paste, glass, or gem quartz. Rhinestones are usually cut into facets that make them sparkle to imitate diamonds. 

Semi-Precious Jewelry - Jewelry made of inexpensive metals and  imitation or semi-precious stones.

Silver Plated Jewelry - Jewelry made of a lesser quality metal that is plated with a coating of silver to give it the appearance of genuine silver.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry - Swarovski is high quality brand of crystal items, mainly jewelry and show pieces.

Thewa Jewelry - A skillful art of jewelry making that originated in Rajasthan, India. It usually depicts cultural scenes, like peacocks and elephants or jungle foliage with flowers and birds.

Toggle Clasp - Some necklaces and bracelets close by opposite ends hooking up when one end is a thick bar that enters the other end, an open circle, and holds stuck in place when it forms a T-shape.

Victorian Jewelry - Victorian jewelry refers to jewelry made during the period of Queen Victoria or modeled after it. It is usually highly elegant and made by hand.